Not One but Three February Employees of The Month

For February we do not have one Derrycourt Employee of the Month but three. In an unprecedented move, the whole team at Maynooth Community Unit has been recognised because of their continued commitment to achieving high standards of service, despite working on a very challenging site.


Feb 2023 Derrycourt Employee Of The Month Maynooth Community Unit photo
Congratulations to the MCU Team

The team by exceeding expectations (going the extra mile), being customer focussed, and showing both urgency and respect have proven to be the embodiment of the Derrycourt values.

They have been recognised for the dedication and hard work they showed in the fight against the recent outbreak on site in December 2022. This dedication was complimented and well appreciated by the client Management on site.


Some of the Feedback The Team Received

"This team always makes sure that their daily tasks are completed up to very high standards. The results are seen in regular audits."

"Frida respects her work colleagues, and as a Derrycourt employee, she never lets us down. I can always rely on her. Audits conducted on site always score well."

We are pleased to have the opportunity to be able to recognise, thank and celebrate this amazing team living the Derrycourt values through her hard work and contribution.

Derrycourt values

About the Derrycourt Employee of the Month Awards

The Derrycourt Employee of the Month awards celebrate individuals like Elaine that have been recognised by our Clients, Supervisors and Colleagues going above and beyond in maintaining our high standards of service. All Employees of the Month are also invited to attend the annual Derrycourt Employee of the Year awards ceremony. Click here to view the 2022 Annual Derrycourt Employee Award Ceremony.