Growing With Derrycourt

Training & Staff Development

Training and staff development is essential to the success of Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists. It is embedded into our core values and company strategy. We believe that this is the foundation of our business.

Once a new employee joins Derrycourt, they are provided with a continuous development programme:

The programme includes continual assessment and mentoring, re-fresher trainings, and a series of formal and informal reviews. These interventions intend to identify individual strengths and weaknesses, they allow Derrycourt to intervene quickly and efficiently with no effect or downtime on site.

Nurturing Lifelong Employee Learning with pur Performance Management System:

With the system regular assessments, and various training initiatives ensure employees stay equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. Employees are continually assessed through the system where any training gaps are identified and addressed.

At Derrycourt, we value diversity, offer a collaborative environment, and invest in our employees’ professional growth, making it a place where employees can achieve their career goals and excel.

Growing with Derrycourt


We understand that nurturing our employees’ growth is vital for their success and ours. We offer continual support through tailored training courses, coaching and mentoring with progression opportunities available for all staff – from site level through to our Head Office staff.

Supporting Growth

We believe in the growth and advancement of all our staff, regardless of their role or location within the company. We offer continuous coaching and mentoring to all employees, from site-level personnel to our Head Office staff.

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Promotions and Additional Training

When employees receive promotions, we go the extra mile to support their success. In addition to the mentoring and coaching provided, we offer targeted training to help them excel in their new roles, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge.

What our Clients & Staff Say

Mentoring and Coaching


We prioritise the professional development of our employees by offering comprehensive mentoring and coaching programs. To empower our team, we offer a range of development opportunities:
External Coaches: 

In addition to internal support, we also provide external coaching to offer fresh perspectives and targeted development.

Subject Matter Experts

We encourage collaboration with subject matter experts, fostering knowledge-sharing and professional growth.

Join us today and embark on a journey of empowerment, support, and growth. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your fullest potential!