Working With Derrycourt

Derrycourt is more than a family run business – we are a family at heart. We support our employees by providing the tools they need to be successful in their day-to-day roles. Extensive training on Derrycourt cleaning methods is just the first step in delivering the best customer service possible.

We are also committed to helping each employee develop confidence to achieve their career goals. Investing in our team through language classes, accredited training and development programmes, managerial support, flexible work schedules, and employee recognition programmes are just a few of the ways we ensure Derrycourt employees understand the value they bring to the organisation.

Derrycourt is an equal opportunities employer. We believe that our commitment to ensuring diversity & inclusion in our policies and day to day work practices, placing of equality, human rights and the diversity of our people at the heart of business strategies, plans and activities, will support our continued growth, make us more dynamic and ensure our overall effectiveness. To this end, Derrycourt strives to respect, support and ensure the inclusion of all voices and cultures that make up Ireland today, from all sections of society, from existing and new communities, and from all social backgrounds, ethnicities and traditions.

It doesn’t matter if you are a cleaning operativein the field or work in the corporate office, opportunities are available to everyone. Many of our cleaning operatives have advanced to on-site supervisors, site managers and area managers. Some of the most senior managers within the company have worked their way up through the organisation, finding new and fulfilling career opportunities along the way.

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