Why We’re Different

At Derrycourt, each client is just as important as the next. No matter how big or small the organisation, every client receives the same level of customer care.

We do this by building collaborative relationships at every level in order to listen and better understand your business. This allows us to provide a consistent standard of service while creating customised, innovative programmes for each customer. At Derrycourt, we believe innovation is more than just the products or technology used. It is our philosophy of tailoring the service to each client’s needs in order to maximise results.

By working side by side with our clients enables us to offer honest, pragmatic feedback on how to best achieve cleaning objectives. Be it through safer approaches, frequency of service or optimal cleaning methods to pursue, together we can discover better ways to achieve your business needs.

A Family Run Business

As a family-run Irish business, Derrycourt prides itself on being there when you need us most. When an emergency occurs or your business needs change on short notice, from the cleaners to the executive staff, the Derrycourt team is willing to roll up our sleeves and help you find the right solution.

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