Celebrating Derrycourt Employees

Derrycourt Employee Awards 2022

The business of cleaning can be difficult, the Derrycourt management knows this very well as they too have first-hand experience. Derrycourt is a family run business, meaning it has always been all hands-on deck. 

Avril McCarthy at The Derrycourt Employee Awards
Avril McCarthy, Derrycourt General Manager

Derrycourt’s General Manager, Avril McCarthy’s stint at Derrycourt started during school holidays, she was pulled in as the spare cleaner whenever someone was absent. Ann O’Hanlon, the Managing Director is no different,  she founded Derrycourt benefiting from the experience and knowledge gained from her time as a cleaning operative. Knowing the difficulties we face;  we want our teams to realise the massive impact their role has on society.  Without cleaning services, the world would halt to a stop.   

Events like the Derrycourt 2022 Annual Awards offer us an opportunity to thank our staff for the service they provide to Derrycourt and our clients. The opportunity to recognise the dedication of our many employees was one we missed in the last three years.

We are extremely proud of the work we have done together, as the Derrycourt team, in this period. We are reassured in how the cleaning industry and the role we play were recognised throughout the pandemic. The importance of our services should not be lost as we navigate to our new normal.

With the Derrycourt Annual Awards we celebrate those who have been recognised as going above and beyond. These individuals epitomise Derrycourt values: they show up and make places of work safer, cleaner and healthier.

Selection for the awards is based on Client Feedback, Manager Nomination to Employee of the month awards, performance, attendance, and overall employee record.  Head Office employees were nominated by open vote at head office.

We cannot overemphasise the contribution every employee at Derrycourt plays, we are grateful. We sincerely thank each one of our teams for their continued hard work and commitment.