Celebrating September and October Excellence

The air at Derrycourt has been buzzing with enthusiasm ever since the spectacular Annual Employee Awards in September. Riding on that wave of excitement, we are thrilled to spotlight the exceptional contributions of our outstanding team members for the months of September and October.

Meet Emma: September’s Employee of the Month
In September, we honor Emma, an invaluable member of our head office operations team. Emma’s nomination came as no surprise, given her remarkable ability to bring our team together, offering unwavering support even during challenging times. Her dedication shines through in her availability and willingness to assist, irrespective of her workload. Emma’s infectious positivity and continuous support have made her an indispensable asset to our team, leaving a void during her maternity leave that was deeply felt.

Emma September employee of the month

Emma keeps the whole operations team a float. She never complains about her massive work load and supports us all on a daily basis with a smile on her face. I have also witnessed staff from other departments requiring her expertise and assistance and she does so without any hesitation or complaints.

Zinaida: October’s Outstanding Performer
Moving to October, we applaud Zinaida for her exceptional cleaning skills and keen attention to detail. Zinaida’s colleagues commended her for maintaining impeccable cleanliness standards and her proactive approach to handling additional tasks. Her commitment to a pristine environment has significantly contributed to an organized and hygienic workplace.

Zinaida consistently demonstrated exceptional cleaning skills and maintained high standards of cleanliness. She showed an exceptional attention to details, ensuring even the smallest area were thoroughly cleaned. Zinaida’s 97% audit score done by the hospital reflects her exceptional dedication

Zinaida 2023 October employee of the month

Embodying Derrycourt Values
At Derrycourt, we take pride in our core values: family ethos, exceeding expectations, and teamwork. Emma and Zinaida exemplify these values through their exceptional contributions. Their dedication sets a benchmark for our team, inspiring us all as we strive for excellence in our respective roles.

The achievements of Emma and Zinaida represent the spirit of commitment and excellence that drives our company forward. They stand as shining examples of how each individual’s dedication can shape a positive and productive work environment.

Congratulations, Emma and Zinaida, on your well-deserved recognition. Your contributions are not just appreciated; they serve as a source of inspiration for us all.