Amy's Inspiring Journey at Derrycourt

A case study on how nurturing talent empowers success

At Derrycourt, we firmly believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth through our extensive training and mentorship programs. The remarkable journey of our Head of IT, Amy, serves as a shining example of how we foster an environment that supports our employees on their paths to success.

From a Junior Developer role to her current position as Head of IT, Amy’s journey at Derrycourt showcases our commitment to helping individuals thrive and achieve their professional aspirations.

Amy Head of IT at Derrycourt, smiling
5 Ways Companies can reach their full potential

1. Nurturing Growth and Unleashing Potential

Amy joined Derrycourt nearly five years ago as a recent college graduate and quickly proved herself in various roles.

I have felt supported as my responsibilities grow. In the first few months, I attended different training courses provided through the company - Project Management and IT Services Management for my job roles, and Time Management for my personal interest. I had support from all heads of departments as well as an external IT consultant, who had the business experience I didn't yet have, to advise me when there was a new challenge I hadn't come across before.

From her early days as a Junior Developer to her current leadership position, Derrycourt’s commitment to nurturing talent has been a driving force in Amy’s growth.

2. Collaboration and Support

Central to our success is a collaborative culture that fosters learning and development.

The people I work with keep me motivated to come to work every day. I'm lucky to have a role that allows me to get involved with all departments in the company. From working on projects together, to the everyday office chit-chat, I look forward to seeing everyone each day.

By creating an environment where colleagues from different departments collaborate and contribute to shared projects, Derrycourt opens doors for innovation and personal development.

3. New Challenges and Opportunities Every Day

A Day in Amy's Life:

A day in my life as head of it

As Head of IT, Amy faces diverse and demanding responsibilities, encountering new challenges and opportunities daily.

The tasks that fill her day ensure Amy’s expertise and problem-solving skills are constantly put to the test, keeping her sharp and ready to tackle any obstacles.

4. Empowering Others

The most meaningful part of my job is teaching others new IT skills that help with their everyday tasks.

Derrycourt’s belief in the transformative power of learning and development enables employees like Amy to make a meaningful impact on their peers and the company as a whole.

To ensure she has the expertise and assistance she needs to enhance productivity and efficiency across the organisation Amy also receives continuous support from colleagues and our training program .

5: Inspiration and Recognition

As the winner of the Head Office Employee of the Year at the 2022 Annual Derrycourt Awards, Amy continues to thrive in her role as Head of IT. She serves as an inspiration to her colleagues and a testament to Derrycourt’s belief in cultivating talent.

Within Derrycourt, we find inspiration in the stories of individuals like Amy who have risen through the ranks, starting from humble positions.

I am inspired by colleagues in our head office or operations team who have made their way up the career ladder role by role, from cleaning operative to where they are now.

Their journeys serve as a constant reminder that hard work, determination, and the support of Derrycourt can lead to remarkable success. These stories highlight how nurturing, collaboration, support, challenges, inspiration, and recognition can foster an environment where individuals thrive and reach their full potential.

With our shared commitment to excellence, Derrycourt and its employees shape a future where success knows no bounds. By nurturing talent and empowering individuals, we ensure that our employees not only achieve their goals but surpass them, fueling the growth and success of Derrycourt as a whole.