Celebrating Excellence

November Derrycourt Employee of the Month

At Derrycourt, the ethos of surpassing expectations has been the cornerstone of our success since 1992. This month, we are thrilled to celebrate the exceptional achievements of our November Employee of the Month, Georgeta-Iuliana (Iulia) whose remarkable dedication has truly made a significant impact on our team and site operations.

Nominated by her regional manager, Iulia’s exceptional contribution lies in the transformation of a particularly challenging site. The regional manager’s recent visit revealed a site in immaculate condition, described as the best they’ve ever seen.

The standard of cleaning hugely has increased, since the Iulia, stepped in. She basically retrained the entire team. The team works much better, has gained more stability and drive. The main client was on annual leave, but the duty manager, was very complimentary towards the whole team, and of course the supervisor.

At the heart of Drrycourt’s success story is our commitment to exceeding expectations. Iulia’s unwavering dedication to raising the bar aligns perfectly with this ethos. Her exceptional efforts have not only elevated the standards at the site but have also set an inspiring example for all of us. It reinforces the belief that exceeding expectations is not just a goal; it is our way of life at Derrycourt.

We take immense pride in acknowledging Iulia’s remarkable achievements and the impact she’s made. Her commitment to excellence resonates deeply with our company values and represents the dedication that fuels our continued success.

As we continue our journey, we recognize that each achievement, big or small, contributes to our collective success. It’s the dedication and commitment of every team member that keeps our business thriving.

The Derrycourt Values