Celebrating Ciaran

June's Employee of the Month at Derrycourt

June Derrycourt employee of the month, Ciaran

In the bustling Derrycourt head office, one individual has stood out among the rest, earning the prestigious title of June’s Employee of the Month (in another month packed with impressive nominations). Ciaran, the Sales and Marketing Executive with seven years of dedicated service to Derrycourt, has been recognised for his exceptional commitment, hard work, and unwavering dedication.

Ciaran’s nomination for the Employee of the Month award is a testament to his remarkable efforts and the impact he has on both Derrycourt and his team.

"I think Ciaran and the blood and sweat he gives to Derrycourt, tenders, mobilisation and to us in his team needs to be celebrated. I believe he deserves recognition for his commitment, exceptional dedication and hard work at Derrycourt. He consistently goes above and beyond, demonstrating unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding results in his role with no complaints. Working with Ciaran has been an absolute pleasure. He serves as a true inspiration to the entire team."

The Derrycourt team, led by Ciaran, were recently successful in the bid for a big tender. This recent win serves as a perfect moment to celebrate Ciaran’s contributions. This achievement not only highlights his exceptional skills but also demonstrates his ability to consistently deliver positive outcomes. Ciaran’s relentless pursuit of success aligns perfectly with the core values of Derrycourt, exceeding expectations, urgency, and a constant focus on sustainable development. He also embodies the value of respecting everyone he works with which is shown by his nomination.

Ciaran’s dedication to delivering outstanding results is contagious, fostering a positive and motivated work environment within the company. He exemplifies the values that Derrycourt holds dear, encouraging others to follow in his footsteps.

As June’s Employee of the Month, Ciaran has rightfully earned recognition for his exceptional commitment, dedication, and hard work at Derrycourt. Through his tireless efforts, he consistently surpasses expectations, driving remarkable results in his role. 

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