How clean is your floor?

And why does it matter?

Does the failure to prioritise good floor maintenance have any impact on businesses? The answer is a hard yes;

nearly 50% of all claims made against retailers are slips, trips and falls cases.

Source: Retail Ireland

Research consistently shows that poorly maintained floors increase the chances of accidents. Experience along with this statistic illustrates how crucial a dedicated floor maintenance routine is for any business, regardless of size.

A good floor maintenance regime ensures visitors are left with a good impression of the site and you are not hit with a claim that could harm your bottom line. The benefits of a well-maintained floor extend beyond this.

Derrycourt How Clean Is your Floor

Why good floor maintenance routine matters:

      • Your floors last longer
      • Your floors’ natural shine radiates through
        – deep cleaning of floors ensures no build-up of product allowing the floors’ natural shine to come through
      • Your carpet is confirmed free from germs and diseases.
        – Carpets are the largest carriers of E-coli, but good carpet cleaning regimes ensure your carpets are germ free.
      • Your floors make the right impression:
        – flooring has the power to impact positively or negatively on visitors;
        – a well-maintained floor is a good representation of your business;
        – well maintained floors keep you, your employees, and your clients safer.

Well-maintained floors make business sense and protect your pockets in the long run.

Does your floor maintenance regime ensure your business is represented in the way you desire?

To  learn about the wide variety of long-term floor maintenance services Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists has on offer to suit your needs use any of the bottom options contact us.

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