European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards 2017

Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists Boating in a Charity Event
On Friday 29th September 2017, Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists took part in a charity event in aid of the Irish Haemochromatosis Society and Crossing the Line – Supporting Athletes in Ireland. This rowing event involved a team of 4 per boat. Entering 3 teams – participants included: Leonard O’Hanlon, Gerard McCarthy (Operations Manager), Cristian Filip (Regional Manager), Calin Buie (Regional Manager), Natalie O’Hanlon (Area Manager), Florin Ghudit (Area Manager), Ionut Lazar (Area Manager), Kevin Harrington (Finance Accountant), Laura Toner (EQHS Auditing), Paulina Nikolova (HR Intern). Great team work was undertaken by all teams. All 3 teams gained the first 3 spots of 1st (Gerard McCarthy, Stephen Conway, Chris Conway and Calin Buie), 2nd (Natalie O’Hanlon, Laura Toner, Florin Ghudit and Paulina Nikolova) and 3rd (Cristian Filip, Leonard O’Hanlon, Kevin Harrington and Ionut Lazar) in their Heats.