Celebrating Outstanding Contributions

2023 Derrycourt Annual Awards

Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists, a name synonymous with excellence in the cleaning industry, hosted the 2023 Derrycourt Annual Awards night on 29th September 2023 to recognise and celebrate individuals and teams in the organisation who have contributed to its success in the last year. The evening served as an opportunity to celebrate those who consistently go above and beyond, exemplifying our commitment to making workplaces safer, cleaner, and healthier.

A Night of Purpose

The Awards ceremony was the culmination of the feedback, nominations, and successes we have received this year and a further celebration of the 2023 Derrycourt Employees of the Month. The awards, a testament to the company’s commitment, acknowledge those who go above and beyond.

The room brimming with talent, highlighted the abundance of excellence and dedication within Derrycourt. All this year’s Employee of the Month winners along with the employees shortlisted in the 26 categories were invited to the celebrations.

Even though everyone could not walk away with a prize on the night, we were grateful for the moment to celebrate the manifestation of our values. 

The night was not just a celebration of accomplishments but a testament to the company’s enduring commitment to excellence and its core values: exceeding expectations, family ethos, customer focus, urgency, respect, development, and sustainable performance.

The spirit of excellence and dedication is alive and thriving within Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists. The awards night was a fitting tribute to those who continually raise the bar, ensuring that Derrycourt remains a leader in the cleaning industry.

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding contributions to Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists! View photographs from the evening.

2023 Derrycourt Annual Awards photo of guests