Celebrating Excellence

Drawing the impressive 2023 cycle of Employee of The Month celebrations to an end, we have the pleasure of sharing the December Employee of the Month along with a new category, Head Office Employee of the Quarter award. This new accolade aimed at spotlighting the exceptional dedication and achievements of our Head Office Staff is part of our committment to continue fostering a culture of appreciation and acknowledging outstanding contributions.

December Derrycourt Employee of the Month

In a year marked by excellence and exceptional service, we are pleased to announce Catherine as the December 2023 Employee of the Month. Nominated two months in a row, Catherine has demonstrated outstanding skill, attention to detail, and professionalism in her role, contributing to the cleanliness and freshness of the two clinics where she works. Her dedication and thoroughness have not gone unnoticed, earning her glowing feedback from clients and her Area Manager. Her commitment to delivering high-quality service is truly commendable, making her a valuable asset to the team.

Catherine Derrycourt Employee Of The Month Dec 24

Their skill and attention to detail is amazing and very welcome to the staff in both clinics. They’re very professional and thorough and take pride in their work resulting in a very clean and fresh clinic

Catherine's hard work, excellent service, commitment and fantastic client employee relation is something that would make any manger proud and relaxed. I know she will never let me down and her work will always be done 100% .

Head Office Employee Of The Quarter

Our first winner for The Head Office Employee of the Quarter recognition goes to not one person but to a team – the South Dublin Regional Team.

The South Dublin Regional Team has shone through in the last quarter, their collaborative approach, effective communication, and willingness to go above and beyond for one another make them stand out. They not only excel in their duties but also extend their support beyond their responsibilities. The team’s positive relationships with various departments, spearheaded by Rose’s openness to help, have contributed to their well-earned reputation.

They go above and beyond to help outside of their own duties. Personally, they are my go to whenever I need any help with anything and that stems from Rose's openness to help

Derrycourt Head office employee of the quarter

At Derrycourt, our commitment to delivering high standards of cleaning is not just a service; it’s a reflection of our core values. As we celebrate the accomplishments of our outstanding team members, such as the Derrycourt Employee of the Month and Head Office Employee of the Quarter awards, we take pride in showcasing the excellence and dedication that define us. These accolades are not just recognitions; they embody our relentless pursuit of exceptional service.

The Derrycourt Values