Derrycourt's Internship Programme

At Derrycourt, nurturing talent is more than a priority—it’s our commitment. It is our goal to develop leaders at every level who are accountable for achieving business results and who exemplify the “Derrycourt Culture” from cleaning operatives to the interns who join our company. 


The journeys of Laura Marchetti and Mattia Prandin, once interns at Derrycourt, illuminate the company’s dedication to nurturing emerging talents, guiding them into pivotal roles, and imparting skills that transcend geographical boundaries.

Derrycourts Smiling Interns, Mattia Pardin and Laura Marchetti

Laura's Success Story

Laura Marchetti’s journey epitomises the transformative essence of a Derrycourt internship. Laura moved from Italy to Ireland to join Derrycourt as an EQHS intern, eager to learn and contribute. Once her internship was complete, she wished to remain in the country a bit longer to gain more experience; after witnessing her skills and commitment the transition into the full time role as a Resource Planning Administrator seemed natural.

In my three months as an EQHS intern I learned about the company's commitment to maintaining high standards in these areas. I gained valuable insights into the importance of workplace safety, environmental sustainability, and maintaining a strong focus on quality. I worked closely with the EQHS team, assisting with tasks related to risk assessments, safety protocols and quality control initiatives. Following my internship, I got the role of a Resource Planning Administrator. In this position, I was responsible for managing and coordinating the workforce within the Southside region. This role required me to collaborate closely with different teams, contributing to the company's overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

laura marchetti, smiling

Mattia's Growth with Us

Mattia Pradin, joined as an EQHS intern from Italy under the Erasmus+ project. His tenure with us extended beyond the assigned tasks. Mattia actively supported the HR department, showcasing initiative and adaptability. He fondly recalls the camaraderie and steadfast support from his colleagues.

From mastering software tools to assimilating into our professional environment, Mattia’s internship was a comprehensive learning experience. His ability to balance work and studies highlighted our holistic approach to personal growth.

Showcasing his diverse range of talent, Mattia invited us to celebrate his cultural heritage with a delicious tiramisu he prepared on his last day. 

Mattia, intern smiling

I believe I really got lucky to be assigned to Derrycourt (I mean it!), my colleagues were always kind and available to help me. My favourite moment was the Derrycourt barbecue, I really felt free to be myself and I had a blast dancing with the colleagues. Into the last month of my internship I also started university back home in Italy and I appreciated being accommodated to leave work a bit earlier to study (thank you Bruce!). I hope you enjoyed the tiramisu.

Impact and Shared Memories

Laura and Mattia vividly recall their time at Derrycourt, cherishing the supportive work environment and strong connections formed. Laura found fulfilment in fostering an empowering workplace, while Mattia enjoyed moments of camaraderie, especially during team events. Their stories echo our culture valuing personal growth and meaningful connections.

Their testimonials affirm our pivotal role in shaping their careers. Laura treasures the practical skills and invaluable network gained during her tenure. Mattia appreciates the kindness and knowledge shared within our community.

Our commitment to nurturing talent defines us. Crafting experiences that transcend textbooks—practical, adaptable, and supported by a nurturing ecosystem—is our ethos. Laura and Mattia’s success stories illustrate the effectiveness of our initiatives, positioning us as a hub for cultivating talents across diverse domains.

As an intern, I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop practical skills relevant to the industry, obtaining a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that can be applied in future roles, within similar fields or in different industries. I also had the chance to connect and build relationships with many professionals within the company. I’m sure that in future, the relationships I established will represent a valuable network of mentors and references

At Derrycourt, we stand as guardians of talent, fostering an environment where potential flourishes. Laura Marchetti and Mattia Prandin exemplify how internships with us are not just about skills but also about the supportive community and guidance that propel individuals towards successful careers.

Beyond skill sets, we cultivate connections that transcend boundaries.