August's Employee of the Month

We are delighted to recognise an exceptional member of our team, Elizabeth, as our August Employee of the Month. Her outstanding dedication and commitment to her role at Derrycourt truly embody the values we cherish.

Meeting Challenges Head-On
At Derrycourt, we often find themselves working on challenging sites and navigating difficult situations. It is during these moments that the true character of our team shines through.

We are delighted to recognise an exceptional member of our team who demonstrated such resolve as our August Employee of the Month. Elizabeth, or Liz as she is fondly known, recently demonstrated her ability to face such a challenge with both grace and professionalism.

Elizabeth, Derrycourt August employee of the month

She went above and beyond the call of duty to help front of house staff deal and clean up after an unfortunate incident when a boy with extra needs could not make it in time to use the toilet. She put the family and boy at ease and guided them to the lunch room for privacy until a family member went and bought a change of clothes.

A Beacon of Compassion
It is important to highlight Liz’s unwavering compassion and quick thinking when faced with difficult situations. Her actions exemplify the spirit of support and assistance that defines our workforce at Derrycourt. We believe in recognising and celebrating the exceptional contributions of our team, and Liz’s dedication serves as a shining example of this commitment.

Looking Forward
As we celebrate Liz’s well-deserved recognition, we also look ahead to our upcoming Annual Employee Awards Ceremony on September 29. This event provides us with an opportunity to honour not only Liz but all our outstanding team members. It is a reflection of our dedication to excellence and the values that define our company.