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Derrycourt Cleaning Operatives Cleaning in a Healthcare setting from Article In Public Sector Magazine

In September, Derrycourt published an article in the Public Sector Magazine. The article explored the critical role of the cleaning industry in the healthcare sector and the importance of absolute hygiene, cleanliness and traceability in preventing the spread of Coronavirus in all sectors during these unprecedented times. Having 30+ years of experience within numerous industries, Derrycourt had the knowledge, skillset and capabilities to undertake the increased workload with minimal disruption to daily activities throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so as new challenges arise.

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Absolute Hygiene

While the importance of quality assurance and cleaning standards are as critical as ever within the healthcare sector, understanding the importance of absolute hygiene, cleanliness and traceability are paramount to preventing the spread of Coronavirus in all sectors during these unprecedented times.

Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists has proven its capabilities at undertaking the surge in quality cleaning needed to combat COVID19. The knowledge and understanding of the necessary services stem from 30 years’ experience within numerous industries and 15+ years within healthcare, pharmaceutical and cleanroom sectors. This experience has enabled them to consistently improve their services, products and techniques. Throughout this pandemic, the company has been able to provide specialised cleaning services such as decontamination cleaning, hydrogen peroxide fogging services, ecostatic disinfectant spraying along with an emergency response service specially dedicated to COVID19.

“Our depth of experience has prepared us to undertake this additional work with minimal disruption to the daily running of Derrycourt,” explains General Manager Avril McCarthy. “It has allowed us to create contingency plans for emergencies through the knowledge and strong community of staff that we have in place.

“Our staff undertake rigorous training in quality assurance regardless of the sector in which they work. The level of assistance and advice Derrycourt are providing to our clients is what they value most in us. We have created COVID19 specific training courses for all our staff to complete to provide them with the correct knowledge and procedures to provide the required level of cleaning and sanitising.”

Derrycourt is an award-winning company and has recently been awarded Cleanest Healthcare Premises in the UK & Ireland at the 2020 Golden Service Awards. The company’s dedication to training is evident with its ‘Commitment & Investment in Training Award’ at the European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards for the past two consecutive years. “It is vital that we live up to these accreditations and continue to provide the highest standard of services,” McCarthy adds.

Being frontline workers, Derrycourt employees have played an integral part in ensuring that frontline workers are kept safe and clean throughout COVID19. “The impact and strain COVID19 has had on our cleaning staff has been difficult, however, members of our healthcare team have noted that it has brought them closer together as a team and they feel more appreciated for their role
as a frontline staff worker and that the importance of their job has been seen by all,” McCarthy says. “Their commitment and hard work over the past number of weeks have been incredible and they have made it possible for many sectors to return to work since restrictions have been lifted.”

According to McCarthy, the next challenge for Derrycourt is to safely get the education sector operational, having already assisted creches, playschools, offices and many other types of business in returning to work. “Our experience tells us that a realistic and carefully constructed plan is critical in enabling a safe return,” she says. “Derrycourt has been working closely with schools, advising them how they can prepare for the return of students and have provided a comprehensive range of services and solutions that can assist them in this.

These services are provided by Derrycourt’s fully trained and experienced personnel who provide much-needed assurance of a clean environment for students and staff preparing for a new academic year. Regardless of your industry, we have the specific cleaning knowledge, experience and skill set to get you safely back to work.”

Source: Public Sector Magazine