April Employee of the Month

Derrycourt's Commitment to Exceptional Customer Service:

At Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists, our success for over 31 years has been built on our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Derrycourt Co-founders Ann and Martin O’Hanlon recognised early on that prioritising customer service would be integral to building a successful business. From day one, Derrycourt’s ethos has centered around delivering top-notch services that exceed customers’ expectations. This commitment is instilled in each staff member during their induction training.

We always take great pleasure in celebrating the Employee of the Month, which has become an increasingly difficult task due to the numerous compliments and nominations we receive through our feedback system.

Meet Judith, the April Employee of the Month

This month, we are proud to announce Judith, based at a Treatment Centre, as the April Employee of the Month. Judith is a lone worker who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to providing high-quality services that meet and exceed customer expectations, embodying the values that the Co-founders built the company on. 

Judith Derrycourt April employee of the month

I have worked here now for a few years and Judith has worked here for that time and longer. I really do feel the need to pass on our happiness with the standard of work Judith does here in Domville House on a daily basis. She is always on time, very courteous to both staff and our service users, very professional when working in sometimes difficult situations. Working in an old building has its challenges and keeping it up to standard is no mean feat but Judith does this and more. There is never a task that Judith will not take on. She accommodates the staffs’ needs way beyond her job description.

Judith’s dedication to her work and unwavering commitment to the company’s values have been recognised by her colleagues, clients, and service users. Her outstanding work has earned her the April Employee of the Month award, an accolade that recognises her exceptional contribution to the company’s success.

We believe in recognising and rewarding exceptional employees like Judith because we understand the importance of acknowledging the people who go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. As we prepare for the Annual Derrycourt Employee Awards, to be held in September, we are delighted to receive an increasing number of exceptional nominations.

Our cleaning operatives, many of them work through the night, early mornings and long days. The job they do is not easy. It is hard work and often goes unrecognised. This is why we have Employee of the Month and Employee awards each year

Recognising employees like Judith is crucial to our continued success in providing exceptional customer service. We remain committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our employees who make it possible.