The Derycourt May Employee of the Month

At Derrycourt, we believe in recognising and celebrating the exceptional efforts of our team members who go above and beyond in their roles. This month, we are excited to shine a spotlight on two outstanding employees whose teamwork and dedication have made a significant impact. This recognition is especially meaningful as it contributes to our Annual Employee Awards which will be held in September, where we honour the best of the best.

Every employee of the month winner is considered for one of the many categories in the Annual Derrycourt Awards.

Honouring Excellence

The Derrycourt May Employees of the Month goes to an exceptional team of two, Adriana and Maria! This dynamic duo exemplifies true team spirit and a customer-oriented approach, ensuring they stand out.

Adriana and Maria work at multiple sites in Meath and have consistently impressed with their dedication and excellence. 

Some of the glowing testimonials Adriana and Maria received

Adriana & Maria May 2024 Derrycourt employee of the month

These ladies do an amazing job. The client is very happy with them. Adriana and Maria are always accommodating and willing to help the client when needed. They both help with other sites, and they are always complimented on their work when the main operatives return to their site.

Their outstanding teamwork and commitment to maintaining high standards have earned them this well-deserved recognition. Congratulations to our May Employees of the Month for their exceptional contributions and for embodying the core values of Derrycourt.

The Derrycourt Values