February's Employee of the Month

Derrycourt Celebrates Phontriph

We are delighted to continue our tradition of recognising outstanding team members as we announce our February Employee of the Month at Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists. This honor is a reflection of the unwavering dedication and commitment demonstrated by individuals who embody our core values.

This month, we proudly shine the spotlight on Phontriph for her exceptional contributions to our team.

Phontriph February Employee of the Month at Derrycourt

Phonthriph respects all who she works with, she exceeds high expectations, she is customer focused and her work is at such high standards. Every time I talk to the client or any of the staff on her site they always speak highly of her work.

With an impressive tenure of 20 years with the company, Phontriph consistently earns high praise from clients for her exemplary work. Her professionalism, respect for colleagues, and dedication to exceeding expectations truly set her apart.

Phontriph’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of her work. Her customer-focused approach and consistently high standards are commendable traits that inspire us all. 

Phontriph’s story exemplifies the values that define us – surpassing expectations, fostering a customer-centric approach, and maintaining exceptional standards. We are privileged to have her as part of our team.

The Derrycourt Values