European Commission Profiles Derrycourt Accreditation

Derrycourt's EU Ecolabel Standard for Indoor Cleaning

Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists, has been profiled by the European Commission for being the first Irish company to attain the EU Ecolabel for Indoor Cleaning Services for its general operations division. Click here to read the article.

This accolade marks a commendable commitment to environmental responsibility and underscores Derrycourt’s dedication to fostering greener practices within the sector.

Derrycourt’s holistic approach to sustainability is driving the change we want to see in the cleaning industry. We believe that taking concrete actions, like attaining the EU Ecolabel for indoor cleaning services, helps us to operationally improve and to foster a greener, more environmentally responsible path for our continued growth, the individuals we serve and the planet we depend on

Bruce Hart, Derrycourt cleaning specialists manager, smiling

Derrycourt's Commitment Goal

Derrycourt is steadfast in its commitment to environmental stewardship, setting ambitious targets to mitigate its carbon footprint as can be seen by this latest accreditation and its aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Understanding the EU Ecolabel Standard for Indoor Cleaning

Established in 1992, the EU Ecolabel certification guarantees products and services with a low environmental impact, verified independently. The EU Ecolabel can be awarded to routine professional cleaning services performed indoors in commercial, institutional and other publicly accessible buildings and private residences, but it excludes disinfection activities. For indoor cleaning services, this standard ensures high environmental standards throughout the lifecycle of operations. By adhering to the EU Ecolabel criteria, Derrycourt demonstrates its commitment to reducing environmental harm while prioritising the well-being and safety of its employees.

Read more about Derrycourt’s journey and the significance of the EU Ecolabel in the full article here.