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Carpets - the unseen Infection Collectors

Carpets - the unseen Infection Collectors

A study conducted by the University of Arizona reveals our shoes are the dirt and infection collectors.

A group of people were asked to wear brand new shoes for 2 weeks. the shoes were worn everywhere. After 2 weeks the shoes were returned and tested for contaminants that might have collected on the shoe bottoms. 

The results showed:

  • Shoes collect more than 420,000 units of bacteria. All shoes had varying amounts of bacteria
  • Potential hazardous levels of E.Coli were present on about 1/3 of the shoes 
  • greywater,
  • food,
  • drinks,
  • grease,
  • tar and dust 

This study shows it is very important to have a good floor maintenance in place such as regular carpet cleaning in high traffic areas in Office spaces, Corridors,  Meeting rooms and so forth. Ensuring the carpets are cleaned regularly. For further information regarding our floor cleaning services click here.

* Excerpt from ISSA Article

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